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The main Summer 2018 Session starts on Monday, June 11 and concludes with final exams on Thursday and Friday, August 2 and 3. The “first half” of the session begins the week of June 11 while the “second half” begins the week of July 9. Preceding that is an Intersession that starts on Monday, May 14 and concludes on Friday, June 8. In total, this allows for 12 weeks of concentrated instruction, with many classes lasting either 8 weeks or 4 weeks, and some lasting as little as 2 weeks or even 1 week.

Some off-campus and online courses may start before May 14 or end after August 3, but are still considered as Summer classes. Such classes, as well as classes scheduled during the Intersession, all count for the student as a part of the Summer 2018 Session for their credit hours and time status, GPA and Deans List, tuition and fee assessment, and financial aid calculation purposes.

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2017 Summer Courses

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