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Summer Break? That's cute.

For students serious about completing their degrees, SIU Summer is the designated passing lane of the academic year. Classes are small, courses are compact, and the campus reflects a commitment to the serious student. 

Take a look at the summer course schedule. From here, you're able to search courses by delivery mode. Which means, if you have to part from us over the summer--as sad is it is that you're leaving campus--know that we travel well too. To date, we offer over 200 fully-online courses across 45 different academic departments. 

As a visiting student from another University, you can earn credit toward your degree while at home this summer. Simply apply online and make sure you choose that you are applying for "summer only."

Listen, if you’re serious about the completion of your coursework, about the prospect of your career, and the trajectory of your future, we know your time is valuable. We'd wager that you have maturity about you which some may not.  

This is why we understand summer school as made for maturing audiences only. Classes are fast-paced and full of content. That's the reality of a summer semester: it moves fast. While we're talking about reality, know that we're 600 miles away from the nearest oceanfront beach and, all things considered, that can be sobering. But the propspective you're demonstrating in registering for summer courses will eventually see you to a beachfront--or where ever you want to go, really. It will keep you there too, long after others have packed up and gone back to milling about, learning something you already know. Aspirations don't beget acheivements. Hard work does.